Hackney Depot Refurbishment Achieves a B Energy Performance Certificate

6AM Development has achieved a B Energy Performance Certificate on the refurbishment of Hackney Depot. The building was previously used as ancillary accommodation for Ash Grove Bus Depot and had been vacant for over 20 years.

Dave McKie co founder of 6AM Development commented. ‘In addition to the environmental savings made by reusing this long vacant property we have improved the energy efficiency of the building from a G to a B rating.

The building was completed in 1981 and only occupied for 15 years before being left untouched for over 20 years. When we first assessed this building we were struck by the differences in energy use between then and now. Being pre-computer there were large offices with only a single plug socket yet trunking full of phone lines. With the glazed elevations and c.400 four foot long fluorescent lighting tubes the building must have lit up the surrounding area. There was a continuous run of centrally controlled radiators and very little insulation.

Using energy efficient LED lighting and a combination of electrical and infrared heaters with a new boiler system we were able to design a system that significantly improves the energy efficiency of the building’.

Energy Performance Certificate